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you are a power yoga lover, you want to make your body to be more flexible and get more energy, start learn poses for free by choosing one of the following categories

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seated Poses

Seated Poses

Seated poses are explained in the following paragraphs. First of all I want to say this page is dedicated to seated poses including their sanskrit names, details and photo.

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Lying poses

Lying Poses

Lying pose is looks like the other poses that has lots of different poses. If you want to do lying poses it is better you do them on a mat, because it can prevents spinal injury.

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Standing Poses

Standing Poses

Having balance is an unimportant issue that we never think about in our daily lives. But in over time, it becomes incredibly important to have balance to prevent falls …

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Inversion Poses

Inversion Pose

Inversion poses are the most difficult poses because they are involved with neck. Firstly you should overcome with fearing by doing theses poses in front of a wall, and also …

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